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Gilian GilAir-5 Air Sampling Pump

Price: $679.00
  • Item #: 7108
  • Manufacturer: Sensidyne
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 800883-171-1201
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The Sensidyne Gilian GilAir-5 Constant Flow Sampling Pump provides industrial hygienists and safety managers with a dynamic air sampling system operating at a flow rate of 1-5000 cc/min. This comprehensive 3-in-1 sampler performs filter cassette, single and multiple sorbent tube sampling with constant flow accuracy, while offering convenient programmable timing options. 

    • Constant flow: 750-5000 cc/min

    • Low flow: 1-750 cc/min

    • Rechargeable battery pack system

    • Built-in rotameter & flow adjust

    • Multiple sorbent tube capability

    • Programmable LCD clock timer

    • Instant-fault function

    • Compact, lightweight, & quiet

    • UL listed intrinsically safe

    • MSHA, CE & SIRA approved
    • Full one-year warranty

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