EMS AC DC Powered IAQ Pump

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  • Manufacturer: EMS
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The EMS AC /DC Pump is compatible with CyClex, Cyclex-d, Micro5, Allergenco-D, Air-O-Cell™, BioSIS or any other nonrestrictive sampling device. 

Standard Features: 

• NIST certifiable – Connects “directly to Bios Defender or any primar standard” 
• 12 volt battery eliminates the need to carry external power cords 
• Voltage indicator monitors battery charge 
• Flow capability of 5-22 liters per minute 
“ Whisper” quiet performance 
• Convenient storage compartments 
• Safety reset switch 
• Built in rotameter with adjustable flow control 
• Supplied charging system 
• AC or DC operation (battery can be charged when operating in AC mode!) 
• Quick 1 ½ hour battery charge 
• Averages 3 hours of performance between charges 
• HEPA Filtered exhaust system (internally filtered exhaust does not disturb sampling environment - NO CROSS CONTAMINATION ISSUES!) 
• User Friendly programmable timer for hands off operation 
• Color changing timer indicates run/Stop operation mode with sample time 
• lightweight – weighs only 15lbs. 
• Durable carry case 
• Six months warranty on parts & labor 


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