2 MIL Zip Style Sampling Bag With Write-On Area 3.0" x 5.0"

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  • Item #: 9910b
  • Manufacturer: Zefon International
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: zb2
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These 9.0" X 12.0" 2 mil resealable bags with write-on area are perfect for labeling custom orders, indicating manufacturing dates, assembly instructions or warnings, as well as labeling lightweight parts and samples.

White-Block area accepts marker, rubber stamp, grease pencil, or pen. Side-seal construction strengthens reclosable top.

Shipped in cases of 100.

Meets FDA/USDA specifications.

Available in the following sizes:

2.5" x 3.0"(zb1)

3.0" x 5.0"(zb4)

9.0" x 12.0"(zb2)